Sunday, August 31, 2014

Struggle For Gun Injures Cop, Shooter On Life Support

"ESSEXVILLE, IL — A Sebawaing police officer was shot Thursday afternoon in Hampton Township.

"The shooting happened in the parking lot of the Bay County Juvenile Home, 520 W. Hampton Road, in the city of Essexville.

"Kunio Ouellette said he is not shaken by the shooting scare and believes his neighborhood is still safe, `It's been safe and I'm very confident that the employees there and the neighborhood here is just a wonderful place.`

"Sebawaing Police Chief William Owens said, `It's sickened me, I've known the officer since he was quite young.` The police officer was transporting a juvenile to the detention center around 1:20 p.m. when the juvenile grabbed the officer's gun, police said.

"Gerald Runde, chief of the Hampton Township Police Department, said the juvenile slipped the handcuffs off of his hand before struggling with the officer for his gun.

"The officer was shot in the right-hand and then the teenager shot himself, police said. The officers is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

"The juvenile is on life support and in critical condition. Many neighbors in the area believe the incident was isolated and will not happen again."

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Elderly Couple, Adult Children Found Dead In Home

"ELMHURST, IL — Four family members were killed in a murder-suicide Saturday evening inside a residence in west suburban Elmhurst.

"Police identified the family members as 82-year-old Francis Stack, 82-year-old Joan Stack, 48-year-old Francis Stack Jr. and 57-year-old Mary Stack. All four had gunshot wounds to the head.

"According to the DuPage County Coroner, Frank Stack Sr. committed suicide after killing his wife and two kids.

"Elmhurst police responded to the request of a well-being check around 6:45 p.m. Saturday in the 600 block of Chatham Avenue. They entered a home and made the terrible discovery, finding four family members dead all with gunshot wounds.

"`When the officers arrived at the scene they entered the home and found several family members deceased,` said Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth. `There is no danger to the residents or the community at this time.`

"The victims were taken to the DuPage county coroner office. The investigation is ongoing."

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Men Found Dead In Backyard; Motive Unknown

"UNION SPRINGS, AL — The Union Springs Police Department is investigating a murder/suicide involving two males that occurred early Saturday morning.

"According to Police Chief Danny Jackson, the incident occurred at a residence near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Chunneggee Avenue.

"Police say they found the two males in the backyard of the victims home.

"Police believe that the two men knew each other. The motive of the incident is unclear at this time.

"Chief Jackson said that the victim was a resident of Union Springs, but the suspect was not.

"That is all the information that is being released at this time as police continue to investigate."


"He Was A Good Guy When He Wasn't Drinking"

"MCALESTER, OK — A man is dead and his son is in critical condition after a shooting and suicide in McAlester late Friday night. The sheriff said heavy drinking and arguing led up to the shooting.

"Pittsburg County Sheriff, Joel Kern, said the man was shot four times by his dad, who then turned the gun on himself. He said the dispute started when the son spilled Coke in the dad's car.

"Kern said the dad, William Gibson, his wife and his son Aaron were at a festival where they were asked to leave for drinking excessively.

"The sheriff said during their drive home to the 600 block of Pelican Avenue, the son spilled Coke in the car, starting an argument. The argument moved to the son's garage apartment.

"Once at home, around 11:30 Friday night, Kern said Gibson began choking his wife, threatening to kill her and his son. Gibson left his son's apartment and went to his home nearby, coming back with a 9 mm pistol, he said.

"Kern said Gibson shot his 34-year-old son four times, and when officers responded to the wife's 911 call, he shot and killed himself in police presence.

"The sheriff said he knows the family personally.

"`We've dealt with them a little bit in the past, but I personally know the family. I know they've had problems in the past, but yet, nothing this serious,` Kern said. `Yeah, I mean he's a good guy. He was a good guy, when he wasn't drinking.`

"Gibson, 66, had a history with the sheriff's department including public intoxication."


Man, Woman, Dog Dead In Condo Shooting

"CLOVIS, CA — The bodies of two adults were found Friday in a Clovis condominium, and police are investigating their deaths as an apparent murder/suicide.

"Clovis police said a despondent man made a 911 call just after 5 p.m. and claimed he had just shot a family member and was preparing to shoot himself. Sgt. Vince Weibert said the man told the 911 dispatcher that he had shot his wife and dog.

"Dozens of police vehicles closed off the main entrance to the Tollhouse Village condominiums on Tollhouse Lane near Fowler Avenue. Some of the armor-clad officers wielded a riot shield and high-powered rifles, and one carried a massive metal battering ram. Neighbors assembled behind yellow tape a few hundred feet from the crime scene.

"Sgt. Jim Koch said that officers entered the home after a wait of over two hours and found the two dead adults. Both had been shot.

"Police did not immediately release the names of the two dead people pending notification of family and the continuing investigation. Saturday afternoon, Sgt. Jim Koch said an autopsy is pending and said the preliminary investigation indicates this was a murder-suicide."

Source: Fresno Bee...