Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two Dead In Group Home Shooting

"APOPKA, FL — Deputies said a woman shot and killed a man and then herself after storming into an independent living facility in Apopka on Wednesday.

"Neighbors said they heard a lot of screaming and yelling coming from the home known as Hoepfinger's Hideaway on Apopka Boulevard, but said they were used to the commotion. They had no idea an apparent murder-suicide had just taken place inside.

"Authorities said Eva McDermid, 43, pulled up, went into the residence and shot and killed Markeith Pope, 43, before turning the gun on herself.

"`Scary, but doesn't surprise me,` said neighbor Samantha Dowd.

"Several men and women struggling with mental illnesses live in the multi-unit home.

"`It's something to help them, because they are, you know, on medication and so forth,` said one worker.

"The woman who found the bodies said she was devastated.

“`I proceeded to see him on the couch with a bullet wound to the head. It was like a really bad scene out of 'CSI',` said Kim Snelling.

"The nature of McDermid's and Pope’s relationship is unclear.

"Emergency personnel said they know the house well, saying ambulances and police are constantly called.

"[Sources reveal] deputies were called to the home nearly 40 times this year for issues ranging from battery to mental distress.

"`One of them came over here one time and said her roommate beat her up,` said Dowd.

"Authorities still are trying to determine a motive in Wednesday's killing."


Man Walks In Front Of Train After Dismembering Mother

"FARMINGDALE, NY — A psychotic killer lopped off his mother’s head and dumped her bloody corpse on a Long Island street before jumping in front of a LIRR train in a grisly murder/suicide.

"Derek Ward butchered his mother, Patricia, a 66-year-old college professor, for no apparent reason on Tuesday, authorities said. Ward, a 35-year-old who battled psychiatric problems for the past decade, sat for a short period of time with his mother’s headless corpse inside their gore-spattered Farmingdale apartment prior to taking his own life, Nassau County police Detective Lt. John Azzata said.

“`There were multiple signs of trauma, multiple stab wounds, broken ribs,` the detective said at a news conference. `The weapon used was believed to be a knife. That knife was recovered.`

"As 8 p.m. drew near Tuesday night, Derek Ward dragged his mother’s headless corpse out of their second-floor home, down a staircase, through the building lobby and onto the street, Azzata said. He also carried her head outside.

"After leaving his mother’s torso and head on either side of Secatogue Road, he walked three blocks to the vicinity of the Clinton St. crossing for the Long Island Rail Road and took a dive in front of an oncoming eastbound train.

"Patricia Ward was last seen about four hours before her body was abandoned."

Source: New York Daily News...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Couple May Have Been Dead For Days

"IOLA, TX — Grimes County sheriff’s investigators have deemed the deaths of a married Iola couple a murder-suicide.

"Deputies discovered the bodies of 55-year-old Noemi Pullantes Chandler and 64-year-old Dan William Chandler while doing a welfare check at their home in the 10000 block of F.M. 244 about 8 p.m. Monday.

"A friend had last seen the couple Friday and called authorities, who looked through a window to find the man in a chair and the woman on the floor in the living room, Sheriff Don Sowell said.

"Preliminary autopsy results showed that Noemi Chandler died from a gunshot wound to the lower back while Dan Chandler died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Investigators said the shooting likely took place 2 to 3 days before deputies found the bodies.

"The couple had been married for five years.

"Sowell said on-going marital problems may have contributed to the incident."


Murder Suspect Shoots Himself In SWAT Standoff

"MCFALL, MO — A man charged with first-degree murder in the death of a person whose body was found in a burning home over the weekend apparently killed himself during a standoff with law enforcement officers in northwest Missouri.

"David Call, 50, of Kansas City, died Monday night inside a home near the Gentry County town of McFall, Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright said. Call was charged earlier Monday with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, second-degree arson and the abandonment of a corpse after firefighters found a body inside a burning home on Sunday in Trenton.

"Call fired upon officers when they arrived to arrest him and then barricaded himself in the house, said Sgt. Jake Angle of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Authorities tracked Call to the home in McCall, a Gentry County town of about 90 residents northwest of Pattonsburg, by following his cell phone pings because he was a person of interest in the Trenton case.

"No one was injured during the standoff.

"Negotiators lost contact with Call just after 8 p.m., Angle said.

"`At that time, a SWAT team entered the residence and found the suspect deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot,` Angle said.

"No other details were released about the Trenton case, including the identification and gender of the victim."


Bodies Found In Florida Church

"GRETNA, FL — It's a house of worship, but Gretna's Glory Apostolic Faith Temple is also the site of an apparent murder/suicide complete with crime scene tape circling the property.

"`Little small town like this, you wouldn't expect something like this to happen because it's a close knit community,` said Gretna native Marvin Cloud.

"Cloud says he helped build the dining room building next to the church 30 years ago.

"It's apparently where the bodies were found.

"Cloud also said he helped put blocks around the pastor's trailer.

"The gate leading to that home is also currently blocked off with crime scene tape.

"Gretna Police Chief Carlos De La Cruz says the two deceased people are a man and a woman.

"But at this point, he's not saying who they are or how the suspected murder/suicide unfolded.

"`We believe that one of the victims is a suspect, so there's no reason for the community to be in fear. We feel they are safe at this point and the situation is contained,` said Chief De La Cruz.

"Chief De La Cruz says one reason he hasn't released the names of the two people is he hasn't been able to reach the man's family members who live out of state.

"He also says the woman's family members don't want her name released at this time.

"Autopsy results are pending."